Familial Wisdom Podcast with Luminous Youth

Marion Rose Ph.D. - Psychospiritual & Aware Parenting

July 31, 2020 Luminous Youth / Marion Rose Season 1 Episode 2
Familial Wisdom Podcast with Luminous Youth
Marion Rose Ph.D. - Psychospiritual & Aware Parenting
Show Notes

In this episode of Familial Wisdom:

  • Grief and fear and how these can be seen as rites of passages. 
  • How we can navigate and honour these within our existing culture that doesn’t acknowledge them. 
  • How our current feelings of loss, fear and grief can connect us with our childhood feelings of loss fear and grief. 
  • We can become comfortable processing these big feelings through our “inner loving crew”. - A process Marion has created. 
  • How language can inadvertently lead to violence. 
  • How non-violent communication and aware parenting help us understand and identify this within ourselves. 
  • What is the “Neo no”? 
  • How we can stand in our power and say no without violence. 
  • Identify the “stuff” that stands between us and the no of our soul. Why we are often disconnected from our boundaries. 
  • How mothers are being called to decide what we are and aren’t willing to allow our children to be exposed to. 
  • Education and sovereignty. 
  • The history of education. 
  • How education can affect our feeling of powerlessness and autonomy and the results of this. 
  • Why at this time in history do we need children who are deeply connected to themselves and the earth/nature. 
  • Having self-compassion as a mother for acting from our place of wounding. How do we do this. 
  • How mother guilt and mother shame is cultural and not a natural state of being. 
  • Self-compassion is a learned skill.  And remembering that we are undoing lineages of cultural conditioning. 
  • Increasing our ability for compassion. 
  • Our ability to interact with environment. How our current cultural narrative leaves many of our very natural human abilities unacknowledged and therefore informing our psyche that they do not exist. 
  • How this is intrinsically interwoven into how we birth, speak and educate our children which in turn influences environmentalism. 
  • How we are deeply interconnected with all of the living beings around us and how these times are inviting us to live from place again. 

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