Familial Wisdom Podcast with Luminous Youth

Robin Grille - Inner Child Journeys

July 31, 2020 Luminous Youth / Robin Grille Season 1 Episode 1
Familial Wisdom Podcast with Luminous Youth
Robin Grille - Inner Child Journeys
Show Notes

Father, acclaimed international author of three books, practising psychologist, speaker and facilitator Robin Grille presents in this podcast:

  • How Robin is feeling and navigating COVID 19 and the challenges it is presenting 
  • How humour is healing
  • Introducing Robins lastest book. “Inner Child Journeys - How Children grow us up”
  • His own journey with coming to write the book and why?
  • How we can navigate the parenting journey using our triggers as ways of understanding ourselves. 
  • How our body memory will influence and shape the way we are going to react to a person. How to see that and learn how to navigate it. 
  • How our reactions are a signal from a part of ourselves that really want our attention.
  • When we give them this it can fundamentally change how we view the situation. 
  • How the practice of Inner child journeying can change the world. The ultimate activism. 
  • Using the inner child journey process to have the “Ohhh no wonder!!!” Moments about ourselves and others. 
  • Understand our child’s behaviours through the ICJ process so we can go from judgement or coercion to understanding. 
  • Undemanding someone’s story brings us to compassion. 
  • Understanding why we get big activated feelings, where they come from so that we can be more effective in the world. 
  • Where the deep distrust of our bodies and our healing abilities coming from.
  • How connectivity is the most devastatingly effective form of activism. 
  • Behaviour is biographical. It does not reveal the person but what the person has lived. 

For deeper explorations visit:
The process of the INNER CHILD JOURNEY- https://www.robingrille.com/inner-child-journeys/




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